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  • Designed & priced just for you
  • Full AVG Anti-virus, not a free trial
  • Setup ready to use when you get it
  • Desktop prices from £300

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  • Laptops from leading brands for all budgets
  • Quality hand built desktops for price and performance
  • Free 3-year warranty on all desktops
  • Fully set up and ready to go
  • Free office suite and Full AVG Anti-virus
  • For home or office
  • Free delivery and set up in Oxford
All new PCs now shipping with Windows 7!
Now with Windows 7

When you get a PC from us you won't find it stuffed full of trial software and things you don't need, you'll find it with up to date, quality free software, including a Full 1 year license for AVG Anti-virus, the most efficient Anti-virus software package you can buy.

You'll also find OpenOffice installed, which is a full office suite, compatible with MS Office, Word and Excel and just as powerful, but free for life, so you can get started creating your documents and work straight away.

Whether you're buying for basic home or office use, or need a high-speed gaming machine we can help.

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